Insulation technology


Made-to-measure thermal insulation solutions

The fastest and safest solution.

Which protective functions do you need?
Hot inside, cold outside? Or the other way around? Would you like specialist advice on site? Do you have a drawing of what the protection of your system or machine should look like? What are the requirements?

Whether engines, exhaust systems, machines, production systems, power plants, heating systems and much more - JUTEC provides you with expert advice and tailor-made manufacturing.

In this way, the optimal thermal insulation solution is created with the customer in the shortest possible time, from the first consultation to the production of a sample to the finished implementation. That enable:

  • Certified materials (TÜV / BG / MPA Dresden / See BG)
  • High quality precision workmanship
  • Own production with CAD and CUTTECHNIK

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency pays off! Sophisticated insulation technology can reduce heat losses, save costs and conserve resources.

Technically mature insulation technology significantly and sustainably reduces heat losses. This saves costs in the long term and protects resources, the environment and the climate.

Through shortened heating times and thus increased productivity, or the minimization of downtimes through better operational reliability, insulation measures pay for themselves in a very short time.

Insulation materials

Can be used in many ways. Tried and tested many times. Products that keep what others promise.

JUTEC insulation has proven itself in a wide variety of areas of application. In the construction of production plants, heating systems, machines, vehicles, ships, engines, power plants and in other areas of applied heat engineering.

  • Insulations for exhaust systems
  • Insulations for heating elements
  • Insulation for hoses and cables of all kinds
  • Insulation for engine compartments
  • Packs, ribbons, cords
  • Insulating fleece and panels
  • Special adhesive for high temperatures
  • Protective covers for welding guns and devices
  • Protective covers for machine covers
  • Protective curtains for welding booths and room partitions


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