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Safety at the highest level

With precision, know-how and passion.

JUTEC guarantees the consistently high top quality of all manufactured products. This is only possible with fabrics from certified suppliers and reliable, computer-aided technology. Over 100 well-trained, responsible employees handle this professionally.

We guarantee consistent products of the highest quality through:

  • Use of certified textiles according to the ISO 9001: 2015 quality certificate
  • the monitoring of the production according to module D of the PPE regulation 2016/425

Fast, flexible, individual

Protective clothing and glass fabrics are cut with constant precision on three CAD-controlled cutter lines.

In-house mechanical engineering optimizes individual production. This allows customer requests to be implemented within two days and makes JUTEC a specialist even for small series (from 1–5 parts).


It is produced according to digital drawings or according to paper specifications. If this data is missing, a prototype is created with counter samples, objects, etc. and digitally processed.

All productions are available electronically and are forwarded to the cutters via the CAD department. Dimensional accuracy in the cut is 100% guaranteed. The quality foundation is laid here. All prototypes and initial samples are accepted by product management, released by the customer, archived and are still reproducible after 20 years.

small series

Is it worth it? Definitely "YES". With our most modern technology, we are able to produce small series of 1-5 pieces at any time without any problems.

It is precisely here that the skills and experience of our many years of German in-house production are evident. In JUTEC's many market segments, employees are constantly faced with new technical sewing challenges. Continuous further training cannot be stopped by small series production.

That strengthens and trains us for series and large-scale productions.

Individual adaptation

Customer requests, ideas, problems, developments, we are happy to face all of these tasks with our more than 30 years of experience. JUTEC GmbH always finds a solution.

The sales force is happy to be on site and helps our partners to turn their thoughts into products. The implementation takes place directly in the own development and in the prototype construction.

Made in Germany

Actually takes place at JUTEC GmbH. Only the diverse technical equipment enables successful production in Germany.

Three cutter lines, 70 computer-assisted sewing workstations, our own mechanical engineering department, a prototype with CAD area and the constantly growing IT infrastructure allow us to continue expanding our progress in Rastede, just outside Oldenburg, on a daily basis.

Your inquiry and your project are very welcome.

jutec-made-in-germany-heat protection work protection

Always close to you

Our national and international sales department is always there for our customers.

Trade organizations and associations, the Internet and the JUTEC back office are always ready to support our partners.

Challenge us, we love to have happy customers.


We are here for you!

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