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Safety in the heat of the moment

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is required to ensure the safety of people in the workplace. With the industrial safety equipment manufactured by JUTEC, employees are ideally equipped for their work in heat-exposed workplaces. Soft, aluminized heat protection clothing is complemented by gloves and head protection as well as gaiters and thus offer perfect full protection against radiation and contact heat above 1000 ° C.

  • Radiant heat = high ambient temperature without direct contact with the heat source with the PPE
  • Contact heat = direct contact with the heat source (flying sparks or hot slag)
  • The PPE supplements the protective measures at the workplace.

Exactly the right tools

JUTEC uses its own, certified material combinations as the basic material for the PPE. This is the only way to protect against temperatures of over 1000 ° C.

Protection with a letter and seal - no ifs or buts!

JUTEC products are certified by accredited institutes according to the latest standards:

  • EN ISO 11612: 2015 Clothing for protection against heat and flames
  • EN 388: 2016 Protective gloves against mechanical risks
  • EN 407: 2020 Protective gloves and other hand protection equipment against thermal risks
  • EN 12477: 2005 Protective gloves for welders

Our customers can rely on JUTEC products! With its certified PPE program, JUTEC fully supports the employer's statutory duty of care.

To prevent mix-ups and to achieve the highest level of security, pay attention to the "blue ribbon with the woven in JUTEC.com"

Risk assessment
Workplace analysis

JUTEC offers help to assess the correct PPE selection in the form of workplace analyzes and risk assessments with corresponding checklists, safety and PPE recommendations.
Additional information will be given
  • Declarations of Conformity
  • Type examination certificates
  • Manufacturer information
Everything is handed over in the JUTEC heat protection compact folder and is used to support the preparation of the necessary risk assessment of heat-exposed workplaces.

body protection

with JUTEC heat protection clothing: Maximum safety with our PPE. Certified according to EN ISO 11612: 2015.

JUTEC heat protection clothing combines high wearing comfort and kink resistance with maximum safety for a wide variety of heat-exposed work. Choose your clothing from approx. 260 g / m² to 650 g / m² in sizes 42–70.

For JUTEC, PSA means: perfectly coordinated holistic solutions, individually compiled and combined:

  • Jacket
  • Frontal protective jacket
  • Heat protective casing
  • Heat protection pants
  • Heat protection apron
  • Heat protection gaiters
ADDons - individualized, 
unique and certified.

No work that is exposed to heat is like any other, so we have been developing individual solutions together with our customers for years, which can be precisely tailored to the most varied of requirements.

By the JUTEC ADDon system you can use the certified JUTEC standard clothing according to your requirements to your certified ADD wear put together.

hand protection

Hand protection against mechanical and thermal hazards

Before choosing the right glove, there is a workplace analysis with a risk assessment. Both define the requirements, e.g.

  • Protection against mechanical hazards according to EN 388
  • Protection against thermal hazards according to EN 407
  • Resistance to smoke, dust, oils and moisture

JUTEC produces gloves in various sizes, lengths, fabric combinations and designs for a wide variety of applications. Whether hot materials are touched directly or work takes place in the vicinity of extreme heat sources. JUTEC solutions are always used.

Hot for special challenges

JUTEC products are the result of special requirements from our customers. We make sure to develop solutions that reduce consumption through wear and tear and offer savings potential. In addition, the user uses a certified top-quality product that is very comfortable to wear.

By the JUTEC ADDon system you can use the certified JUTEC standard gloves according to your requirements for your certified ADD gloves modify.

head protection

Head and face protection for warding off radiant heat and protection against metal splashes

The defense against radiant heat and protection against molten metal splashes is the declared goal. JUTEC developments set standards with special designs for the most extreme loads. Our mission is to make work easier and to meet the highest safety standards at workplaces exposed to heat. These include:

  • Heat protection hoods with integrated frame for viewing window
  • Own frame development
  • Aluminized heat protection hoods / Nomex hoods
  • Heat protection masks
  • Complete protection for helmets also including respiratory protection to protect helmets made of "plastic etc." from melting
  • Face protection masks aluminized with viewing window
  • Neck protection for helmets
  • Helmets and helmet mounts

Our protective screens impress with:

  • Own lens development certified according to EN166 
  • Polycarbonate (clear or gold vaporized)
  • Laminated glass (clear or gold vaporized)
  • Metal grille
  • Athermal glass
  • Splinterguard

Foot protection

Our solution: The latest generation of heat protection gaiters. Certified according to EN ISO 11612: 2015.

JUTEC heat protection gaiters offer you optimal foot protection. You will receive individually manufactured heat protection gaiters - of course in accordance with the PPE regulation - and of the highest quality - Made in Germany.

We manufacture various models and designs according to EN ISO 11612: 2015 according to customer requirements, depending on the application and area of ​​application for contact heat, radiant heat for foundries, steel industry, aluminum industry, metal processing, glass industry and at all workplaces exposed to heat - protection of the feet from molten metals and contact heat flying sparks.


  • Velcro fastener
  • Insulated spring steel ring in the shaft for optimal fit and rigidity
  • Insulated steel strips ensure a perfect hold in the shaft
  • Insulated metal strips on the foot for individual adjustment
  • Printer for quick opening and closing with adjustability
  • Heights from 400 mm to 600 mm (depending on the model)
  • Universal sizes / corresponds to shoe size 43-44
  • Individual sizes from 36-38 to 47-48
  • Special solutions on request


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