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Safety in the heat of the moment

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is required to ensure people's safety. With occupational safety equipment produced by JUTEC, employees are excellently prepared for working at workplaces exposed to heat. Perfectly aluminized heat protection clothing is supplemented with gloves and protective headgear.

Users are protected against dangers caused by radiant heat/contact heat.

  • Radiant heat = high ambient temperature without direct contact to heat source with PPE

  • Contact heat = direct contact to the heat source (flying sparks or hot slag)

  • The PPE supplements the safety measures implemented at the workplace.

Exactly the right equipment

JUTEC uses certified material combinations of its own development as the basic materials for the PPE. This is the only reason it is possible to protect against temperatures of over 1,000°C.

signed, sealed and deliveres protection

JUTEC products are generally certified by accredited institutes according to the latest standards, like DIN EN ISO 11612 for clothing, DIN EN 388 and DIN EN 407 for gloves. The company is also audited every year according to ISO 9001. Our customers can depend on JUTEC products!

With its certified PPE product range, JUTEC supports the statutory duty of care of the employer (risk assessment in accordance with EU Directive 89/686/EEC Laws of Member States for PPE, Article 3).

Only genuine with the blue ribbon and woven-in! To prevent confusion and to achieve maximum safety, watch for the "Blue ribbon with woven in".

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