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On March 01.03.1987st, XNUMX was the "JUTEC - Big Bang".

On this day, Axel Jung founded the company in the municipal start-up center in Wilhelmshaven and started a success story that continues to this day.

For example, when steelmakers in corporations such as Thyssen-Krupp or Arcelor-Mittal are standing at their workplaces that can reach temperatures of up to 1600°C, they are definitely wearing silver protective clothing from JUTEC GmbH. Correspondingly impressive photos appear again and again in various newspapers.

When the company was founded in Wilhelmshaven in 1987, Axel Jung would never have dreamed that it would come to this. At that time, 100m² of space was available in the start-up center. At that time, a self-developed Velcro/velours retaining strap and reusable car painting tarpaulins were produced and brought to market with great effort.

Brothers can understand each other, as shown by the next step in the company's development: In 1990, Stefan Jung joined the team and from then on was exclusively responsible for the development and sale of heat protection articles. In a further step, the two graduate industrial engineers pushed the field of "insulation technology".

When the area in the start-up center became too small after 10 years, JUTEC GmbH moved to Oldenburg-Etzhorn in January 1998 and rose from tenant to owner.

The brothers Stefan Jung and Axel Jung jointly head the JUTEC company

A building with 1600 m² of production and administration space on a 7000 m² site was acquired here. Coming from Wilhelmshaven with 12 employees, after another almost 20 years and with 70 employees, they managed to change again into a new era of JUTEC GmbH: After a two-year construction period, a 2017 m² production hall and a 4.500 m² administration were moved into in September 2.000. The complete implementation was carried out according to our own wishes and the latest findings, it was built ergonomically and environmentally friendly. Around 100 satisfied employees currently find a professional oasis in the new building, which culminates in the in-house restaurant, the “CaféWärmefrei”. Approximately 2,5 ha of the acquired company premises are currently undeveloped. This offers plenty of space for future operational expansion.

“The company's motto: We reinvent ourselves every day. There are enough visions and product ideas. "

- Axel Jung -

In 33 years, JUTEC GmbH has developed into one of the leading manufacturers in Europe. The core business "Heat, occupational safety and insulation technology" has produced over 18.000 different products to date. The product portfolio ranges from 200°C to 4.000°C. JUTEC GmbH is at home in this field of work and can serve almost every customer interested in heat protection.

A young, already established market segment is laser protection. Where concrete walls usually protect people from the use of industrial lasers or other radiation sources, a light, intelligent fabric developed by JUTEC can be used. This "communicates" with the radiation source and switches it off safely within 0,03 seconds. A modular system was also constructed as an "active laser protection cabin". These easy-to-assemble cabins impress with their simple modular design. Laser protection now comes to the product, eg on the assembly line. The industry was won over by the high flexibility and the option of replacing individual modules at low cost.

The youngest product division was set up under the motto "We reinvent ourselves every day". At the beginning of 2020, the corona virus also hit JUTEC GmbH. Instead of generating stagnation, progress was generated. Within a day, production adjusted to the additional manufacture of mouth and nose masks. The "Made in Germany" production made it possible to design the new field of activity and to develop other types of masks, as well as a sustainable "surgical gown". JUTEC GmbH focuses on reusability in the medical field: With up to 100 possible washing cycles, these products are significantly more environmentally friendly compared to conventional disposable items.

The rapid further development and the development of new and future-oriented business areas is our permanent and common endeavor.

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