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The blue ribbon of safety

Where it's a matter of protection against deadly dangers and against irreversible damage to health, only the highest degree of reliable safety counts! We guarantee it - with quality control of both the material and the workmanship. The JUTEC label and the blue JUTEC ribbon with woven in stands for that quality.

Safety first! Signed, sealed and delivered

Reliable certifications of fabrics, production and tested prototypes are obligatory for JUTEC. The fulfillment of even the strictest standards is an obvious consequence for us. We only work together with long-established, reputable certification agencies, such as DGUV Test, MPA Dresden, TÜV Rheinland and the Sächsischen Textil Forschungs Institut.

Additional information is available in the section CERTIFIED SAFETY

10 times better than "normal"

For JUTEC, safety means: "More than what's required". During tests involving pouring liquid metals over the material being tested, 10 times the quantity specified in the required standard (steel/200 g/E3 and aluminum/300 g/D3) was used in each case to be on the safe side.

Because there's no such thing as "too safe".