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Brilliant service - so that nothing overheats!

service provider for all aspects of heat protection

JUTEC is the all-around service provider for heat protection. Where others sell standard products, JUTEC offers individual solutions optimally matched to your intended purposes. JUTEC sets quality standards where standard solutions are sufficient.

Personal customer support and in-depth consulting are just as natural for the JUTEC team as:

  • Flexibility
  • Reliability
  • Short delivery times in Germany and in the EU
  • and certified safety Made in Germany

at your sidewith advice and service

JUTEC products include not only reliable certificates, EC type-examination certificates and consistent quality management, but also corresponding service. JUTEC customers benefit from expertise gained over many decades in all areas of heat protection, including:

  • Workplace analyses
  • Risk assessments
  • Test reports
  • DEMAND assessments
  • Special components and in-house developments for special applications

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