Nothing gets through this mask

Nothing gets through this mask

PROTECTIVE CLOTHING Rastede company JUTEC is dedicated to the new business area health

The mouth and nose masks from JUTEC GmbH are recyclable. They also have medical approval.


RASTEDE - Most of you are probably familiar with the image of a steel cooker in silver protective clothing. What only few people know: that this protective clothing almost certainly comes from Rastede (Ammerland district), more precisely from JUTEC GmbH.

Founded in 1987 in Wilhelmshaven and now based in Oldenburg for 20 years, JUTEC in Rastede at the motorway junction has now grown threefold. The specialist in technical textiles has been dealing with occupational safety, heat protection and insulation technology for more than 30 years. Heat ranges from 200 degrees to 4000 degrees are served. JUTEC has also been active in the field of laser protection for three years.

Washable 50 times

In the current phase, a "cold" business area has now been added. "We have decided to steer sewing capacities in the long term in the direction of health and prevention," says Jörn-Bo Hein from the management. JUTEC GmbH produces, among other things, a three-layer mouth and nose mask (MNM) with an internal membrane system, which can be washed and dried at least 50 times. Medical approval according to EN14683 was recently granted. The special thing about it: the fabric of the three-layer mouth and nose mask is also certified according to EN13795. This means that the material is impermeable to moisture and air, unlike self-sewn or disposable masks, which are currently in great use.

It all started at the end of February / beginning of March when Jutec GmbH manufactured several 10 reusable mouth and nose masks for the Bavarian state government. The raw material comes from a partner who produces medical flat fabrics, explains Hein. But it should not just stay with the masks for Bavaria. They are available in several sizes and designs - with elastic and textile bands, so that they can be optimally adapted to any head shape, says Hein. Colors are freely selectable, printing is also possible, but everything depends on the quantity. With the help of the reusable masks, JUTEC GmbH would also like to make a contribution to environmental protection. Because in the Corona crisis, the littering of disposable masks is increasing. According to Hein, the JUTEC masks are "sustainable and recyclable".

If you have to wear masks for longer, you should change and wash them regularly. "Even if single-use masks appear cheaper at first glance, reusability pays off and makes a single-use product appear expensive," says Hein.

Great cutter streets

JUTEC GmbH supplies more than 80 countries with its heat products. There are 70 industrial sewing stations available in the company. “We have our own machine and model construction. There are three large cutter lines as well as other special machines. Our technology is state-of-the-art and we can assemble almost anything, ”explains Hein.

The JUTEC masks are offered in direct sales. Occasionally there are the first trading houses that have specialized in the sale of approved medical products. “Of course, JUTEC GmbH is currently still on a learning curve. As with our other products, we want to keep improving the mouth and nose masks and creating new products, ”explains Hein.

A reusable surgical gown is currently being developed for clinics and nursing staff in different sizes and with RFID chip identification in order to personalize them and to be able to count the number of washes. “Again, it's against

the one-way gowns, millions of which have to be used and disposed of every week, ”says Hein.




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