JUTEC New building part 2

„Sometimes wishes may not be fulfilled“ and so we feel today. The enormous time pressure does not permit the simultaneous working of some trades. But everything should be very nice, until perfect. We will gladly take some time and will only move in August 2017. As we are maintaining the current production facility, we can continue to produce without downtimes. We can hardly wait for the final.


JUTEC launches new building!

After two years of planning phase the earthworks started on 01/08/2015.

The worldwide interest in JUTEC products is so increased that a useful extension in Oldenburg / Etzhorn was no longer possible. Thus, the company's management has accepted, after examining all occurrences the implementation of a new building.

Sequel follows.

The catalog concept for your security

Not only the Internet but also in the print area the JUTEC concept will reflect. We develop a product database where our print catalogs with user examples, products and certificates will based on.

So that you as a user, safety or radiation safety officer or buyer, always have a reference at hand.