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Modern safety equipment for humans and machines

New technologies, new challenges, new JUTEC solutions. When using lasers, protective measures must be taken to protect machine parts, the surrounding area and above all humans.

Laser protection becomes a reality

Since October 2010 the "Occupational Safety Directive on Artificial Optical Radiation" (OStrV) has defined that: "Optical radiation is any electromagnetic radiation in the wavelength range from 100 nm to 1 mm." (OStrV BMdJ 7.2010) The range of optical radiation is divided into UV (ultraviolet: 100–400 nm), visible light (380–780 nm) and IR (infrared: 780 nm–1 mm ).

The directive provides protection against hazards in particular for the eyes and skin. It requires a professional risk assessment and corresponding protective measures wherever Class 3B, 3R and 4 hand-guided lasers are used (Sec. 3 of OStrV).

Disperse bundled energy

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and technical measures at the workplace protect against laser beams. In accordance with this, JUTEC manufactures protective clothing, gloves, facial protection as well as protective curtains and machine covers.

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