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Protection where things get hot

Wherever extreme heat occurs in the working world, people, machines and our environments must be protected. During welding, grinding and cutting work, or with the direct exposure to flame, the surrounding area must be provided with extensive shielding.

Protection of surrounding areas up to 3.000°C

Heat protection fabric of glass and silicate fibers with special coatings offer outstanding protection in a broad range of different combinations. The fabric specifications define: Resistance to slippage, mechanical loading capacities, abrasion resistance, water impermeability, etc. This is achieved in material thickness from 0.2 mm to 3.0 mm in weight classes of 200 g/m² to 3000 g/m².

Depending on the application, JUTEC achieves a textile heat protection of up to 1,600°C.

Flame protection pastes, also worked into mats, round off the product line up to 3,000°C  and offer the most reliable protection for direct contact with flames.

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