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Safety starts at the head

Protection against radiant heat and molten metal splashes is the declared objective. JUTEC developments set standards with special designs for the most extreme loads. Our mission is to make work easier with the highest demand to safety at workplaces exposed to heat. This includes:

  • Heat-protection hoods with an integrated frame for viewing window
  • own development of frames
  • Aluminized and non-aluminized heat-protection hoods
  • Heat-protection masks
  • Complete protection for helmets also including respiratory protection
  • Aluminized face protection masks with viewing window
  • window Visors made of:
    • Polycarbonate (clear or gold-vaporized)
    • Laminated glass (clear or gold-vaporized)
    • Metal grid
    • Athermal glass
  • Neck protection for helmets
  • Helmets and helmet harnesses

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