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Safety and quality for over 30 years.

Our customers worldwide benefit from this experience. We react to new challenges with flexibility and speed. About 100 employees stand for competence and know-how. At our north German company headquarters at the gates of Oldenburg, we offer the most modern working conditions and manufacturing processes. The areas of heat protection, occupational safety, insulation technology, laser protection, health protection and battery protection are manufactured here in a production hall of 5000 square meters.

By working with renowned certification bodies, we offer you and your employees the security required by the employers' liability insurance association. You not only receive certificates, type examination certificates and declarations of conformity, but also checklists and evaluations for:

✓ Workplace analysis
✓ Risk analysis
✓ Test reports
✓ Hazard analysis
✓ Needs analysis

We secure these processes with the quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015 and additionally those of the production according to module D of the PPE regulation (EU) 2016/425 and module D of the directive 2014/90 / EU for marine equipment.

The most important protective measure is the certified personal protective equipment (PPE) from JUTEC.

Certified security

We offer the security required by the employers' liability insurance association:
✓ CE marking
✓ KAT marking
✓ Declaration of conformity
✓ and much more!
Occupational health and safety are measures to protect employees from work-related health and safety hazards. The aim is accident prevention and the highest possible protection for employees. Pay attention to the following labeling with PPE:
is a label according to EU law for certain products in connection with product safety. By affixing the CE mark, manufacturers confirm that their products comply with the applicable European directives.
According to the European Regulation for Personal Protective Equipment (2016/425), protective gloves, like other personal protective equipment, are grouped into three categories.

With the declaration of conformity, the manufacturer confirms that a product he has placed on the market complies with the basic health and safety requirements of all relevant European directives, i.e. conforms to them. The declaration of conformity is the basis for the CE marking of the corresponding product.

This certificate proves that a type corresponds to the relevant provisions of the regulation (2016/425 Personal Protective Equipment).

Attention: A fabric certification does not replace a type examination certificate! A full certification requires both certificates.

Manufacturer information about the PPE must be made available to the user in his national language in writing or via download.

The following data are required:

  • Name and full address of the manufacturer or his authorized representative
  • Product labeling
  • Information about available sizes
  • Reference to the relevant European standards
  • Pictograms that indicate the hazard class
  • Cleaning instructions

According to the PPE regulation 2016/425, the following content and information are mandatory on the label of "Category III products":


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